LNG is the liquid state of Natural Gas. It is produced by cooling it to below 161 degrees Celsius for it to assume its liquid form at atmospheric pressure. LNG is a hydrocarbon fuel that, in principle, can be used for any internal and external combustion process that usually uses diesel, gasoline or other established liquid fuels. The predominant molecule is Methane, the most basic of all hydrocarbons. Other hydrocarbons found in LNG are ethane, propane and butane. These constituents are heavier than methane and are often called the “heavies”. The liquid form is used for easier storage. The volume of Natural Gas is reduced by a factor of approximately 600 when liquefied, which allows it to be stored in tanks under atmospheric pressure.

The old LNG world

EERL’s flared gas to LNG business model takes previously flared natural gas and produces the cleanest hydrocarbon fuel on earth from it. This fuel will, in turn, fuel generators for a much lower price than diesel generators bringing a clean environment and quiet backyards as a side benefit. Conceptually, we deliver small scale LNG solutions by capturing, purifying and finally liquefying the gas in modular mini trains and then use modular onshore and offshore logistical systems to deliver it to end users/customers.

Modular LNG

We believe in bottom-up developments, contrary to the past when big style infrastructure was centrally planned and built and transport systems between the central processing facility and the users took years to implement.

At eXcelerate Energy Resources Ltd (EERL) we can lay the groundwork for such a system by designing &installing small scale modular liquefiers at strategic flared gas locations delivering LNG-to-Power solutions for captive or distressed base-load customers, assuring they can reliably and consistently generate electricity to run their operations at a more cost effective price. We have chosen the well tested and extremely sturdy Nitrogen Expander process as our ‘core equipment’ standard. It produces typically around 100 metric tons of LNG per day, which is very small by usual standards in LNG, and only requires about 0.05 TCF of gas reserve in place – a requirement that is met by more than 5,000 producing oil and gas fields today. The Nitrogen Expander also comes delivered pre-assembled on a rack and is as “plug and play” as it gets in LNG.

LNG is going to be the fuel that powers the planet in a little more than a decade and as soon as there is fuelling infrastructure available, there will be no excuse not to switch to this clean and cheap fuel.


About US

About Us

Incorporated in 2017 but with a history deeply rooted in the fundamentals of corporate good governance and project delivery, eXcelerate Energy Resources Ltd (EERL) is a private limited liability Natural Gas company.

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