The environment in which the Gas industry in Nigeria operates is fundamentally changing. There is now a need, and a place, for the small and medium-size player in the market. Liberalization of the gas business had its first impact on large-scale LPG/LNG projects doing away with assumptions that held true for half a century. With the classical structures gone, new projects that properly utilize technology and ‘new age’ marketing will deliver consistent returns – this is our baseline. We are good at what we do; we have a Board of Directors and a Shareholder base composed of professionals, with many years of relevant and transferable industry experience – national and internationally.


EERL was founded in 2017 on the basis of a strong and clear vision to make a difference in the gas sector. Forged together by a strong bond of mutual respect and commitment to key values enshrined in our mission statement; a select group of friends challenged themselves with the mantra – “Everything is possible”. If not now, when? If not us, who? Questions that gave birth to the discussions and actions that resulted in the launch of eXcelerate Energy Resources Ltd. Since our incorporation, the Board has worked tirelessly to establish and set up a solid foundation for a number of Natural Gas projects, which are: (1)developing a small-scale modular LNG Plant monetizing flares to deliver LNG (via a virtual pipeline) which in turn can be used in a variety of ways, including generating power (2) a Natural Gas Knowledge Centre delivering knowledge enhancement & training courses, workshops and seminars and; (3) a LPG retail & marketing project delivering focused LPG usage advocacy, innovative LPG marketing, distribution and retail solutions to households and businesses.

Individually, our work ethic, capabilities, and skills set have earned us the respect and recognition of various employers, clients, and partners around the globe; and we are now collectively poised through EERL to deliver the same standards of operational excellence and project achievements to our customers and stakeholders. As a multi-disciplinary executive team, we offer comprehensive project design, execution and delivery in the gas sector utilizing transferable skills and experience gained in other industry sectors, including Petroleum. It is with great pleasure and deep humility that I have the honor to serve as the pioneer CEO of EERL – Albert Namme.

About US

About Us

Incorporated in 2017 but with a history deeply rooted in the fundamentals of corporate good governance and project delivery, eXcelerate Energy Resources Ltd (EERL) is a private limited liability Natural Gas company.

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